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DishonestReporting blog

Is HonestReporting really honest???

If you're searching for, please spend a few minutes here first.

HonestReporting, which claims over 140,000 members, is one of the world's largest media watch groups. In the "About Us" section of their website, HonestReporting states:

"HonestReporting has succeeded in shaking up the media and putting them on alert. Correspondents and editors now think twice before releasing stories, knowing they will be held accountable for inaccurate or misleading material."

Certainly a worthy cause, however who has been making sure that HonestReporting is being held accountable for its inaccurate or misleading material?

Apparently no one.

This website's purpose is to expose the misleading, sloppy and sometimes downright deceitful information dished out frequently by HonestReporting. Perhaps, once they realize that some of their claims are actually being scrutinized, they'll take a hint from their own name and be a little more "honest" with the truth.

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